Why is Elder Law important?

Elder Law helps with the question of what do you do if either the authorities or relatives seek Guardianship and Financial Orders to take control of you and your finances.

Firstly, you need to understand the concerns raised by the authorities and/or your relatives when
seeking the Orders. These will help you prepare a strong defence against the orders under Elder Law.

You should collect evidence that demonstrates that you have the ability to make your own decisions
and to manage your affairs independently and that those decisions are reasonable.

You should attend the hearing and be prepared to articulate why you believe Guardianship and
Financial Orders should not be made against you.

We have helped several clients to defend Guardianship and Financial Orders and have succeeded in
preventing the New South Wales Trustee and Guardian from taking control of our client’s personal
and financial affairs. If you find yourself in this situation, gives a call and we can chat about Elder Law and the
options available to you.